We provide our customers with the latest technology and information.

At U-MHI PLATECH CO., LTD. U-MHI technical service centers are provided to respond to customer requests. Customers can not only see demonstrations of the newest molding machines and utilize molding tests but also use a seminar room where training meetings can be held.

Facility machine size of U-MHI technical service center (as of Jan, 2017)

To inquire about a molding test, contact the nearest sales office or service center

Electric injection molding machine Hydraulic injection molding machine
1300 tons 240 tons
550 tons 160 tons
80 tons

Molding test menu

Customers can check our molding system shown below by performing a molding test with the injection molding machine installed at our technical service center.
In addition to the molding testing system shown below, different types of molding tests including mold test forming can also be performed. Contact the nearest sales office or service center for details.
We will provide an estimate of molding test costs for customers applying for a molding test after receiving the details of the desired molding test. Please feel free to inquire.

1. active temperature control system

can test at 450 tons

All system conditions for heating / cooling mold molding can be set up on the molding machine operation screen using a total system not realized by other companies. (Individual settings for temperature controlled machines and molding machines are not required.)

2. MuCell® Technology Foam Molding

can test at 650 tons

MuCell® technology is a mold process technology , the patent rights to which are held by Trexel of the United States. In MuCell technology, supercritical gas is directly injected inside a screw cylinder and fused resin (liquefied gas) fills the inside of the mold.

3. Ultra high mixing MD-UB screw

can test at 650 tons

Extremely high-level uniform melting is obtained for PP, PE, and PS by using optimal shearing and partitioning actions of a multi dam that has a polygon cross-sectional shape. As a result, stable molding of large, thin walled molded parts is possible.

4. Handles various molding methods and molding tests

O: Can perform molding test, Triangle: In preparation, (-): No facilities

450 tons 650 tons
active temperature control system
MuCell® Technology Foam Molding
Ultra high mixing MD-UB screw