The packetMAC is a system that saves and retrieves the data present in the controller for injection molding machine, to and from external memory in CSV format.

packetMAC Setting Screen

This screen allows you to select and set data to be saved with just one touch.

Type and max number of data to be saved

The packetMAC saves sufficient data in USB memory to achieve effective production control.

Number of data savable per file(a) Number of files creatable(b) Max. number of data savable (a)×(b)
Trend data 40,000shot 3 120,000 shot
Alarm history 1,000 data 10 10,000 data
Set history 1,000 data 10 10,000 data
Set data 1 condition 100 100 conditions
Operation history 1,000 data 10 10,000 conditions

Applicable Model

MEII+, MEIII, emII, emR, emP, MMV, MMX
For all other models, please feel free to contact our sales department.