• Exceptional operability with two separate screens implemented in 15.6 inch large screens.
  • An upgraded security funtion that uses ID card authentication is equipped as standard.
  • Stable moulding by high-speed control that is six times that of a conventional system

Upgraded Operability

  • Pivoting mechanism, two separate large LCD screens
    Two screens are selectable as you choose, and allows for an unprecedented user-friendly operation environment.
  • Injection waveform memory
    Comparable to good item’s waveform, and helpful for good producing.
  • Vertically long screen
    Long, vertical screens can display twice the trend data compared to a conventional system.

Separated dual-screen control panel

30shot-trend data is displayed by long screen layout.

Injection conditions can be changed while reviewing process records

High speed, Highly accurate Control

  • Shortened scan time
    Scan time is shortened to a sixth of a conventional system by using EtherCAT® High-speed communication which provides for stable weight of the moulded product.
  • Highly accurate pressure control
    Highly accurate control of Injection and back pressures is achieved by digitized injection pressure sensing circuit.
  • 16 stages of injection profile
    The injection profile is settable in up to 16 stages which allows for a more detailed profile setting and enhances the product quality.
  • U-MHI Rapid Convergent Temperature Control
    The temperature variation is reduced by a unique control algorithm.
  • The U-MHI Rapid Convergent Temperature Control advanced is an optional feature
    By acquiring the heat-up data, the controller achieves the shortest heat-up time with no overshoot in temperature

(Note) EtherCAT® is a registered trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH.

Upgraded Security Function

  • Security ID Card System
    Login by ID card which can be assigned to an operator.
    Automatic change of languages and units
    Prevention of password loss
  • Traceability management
    Easy trace of operational/setting records.
  • Control of operator access
    4 levels of access can be set for each operator.

User Support Function

  • Alarm guidence
    Actions for alarm resolution by using a flow chart which can be restored easily.
    Easy identification of faults by improved alarm messages
  • Fault record function
    Input-output data both pre and post trouble is automatically stored to a large-capacity HDD, and helps to reduce the time for troubleshooting.
  • e-manual
    The machine manual is available for viewing on screen

Alarm guidence on screen

Global Reliability

  • An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is standard equipment
    Prevents trouble caused by voltage drop or brownout, even in areas having an unstable electric power supply Data can be safely backed-up in case of power outage
  • A surge suppressor is standard equipment
    Protects the control system from lightning strikes
  • Multi-language selection
    The standard languages available are Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, and Thai (new addition).
    Eight other languages are available as an option.
    A maximum of three languages is selectable from a total of 13 languages.
  • Pictographic switches (ISO-compliant)
    Easy to operate by pictographic switches
  • Various International Standard compliance
    Complies with JIMS, ANSI, EN, GB, and KCS standards.
  • IEC 61131-3-compliant ladder
    The operation sequence is created by global standard ladder language