SCS®(Sequential Cavity Separation)
molding (Family mold molding)

High response valve control injection condition automatic compensation system

Sequential injection using a strong two-platen high-precision mold clamping mechanism for unbalanced loads inside a mold!

Advantages for the customer

  • Reduce expenses and the number of molds by means of changing to one mold.
  • Easy part management and color matching through the use of simultaneous molding.
  • Low mold clamping force through the use of sequential injection for each cavity.
  • Easy production of small lots through the use of cavity selection molding.

System Features

  • Injection conditions for a maximum of four cavities can be entered.
    Six speeds, six pressures, and three holding pressures common to each cavity.
  • Automatic origin point compensation for injection start position for each cavity
  • Valve gate open/close timing is coupled to the injection completion.
  • Displays independent injection speed and pressure waveforms for each cavity.

Injection graph screen

Performance example

  • Molded part: A3, A4, B5 trays
  • Resin: PP
  • Mold: Family mold (gate valve 6 series)

Required mold clamping force

Ordinary valve gate molding
1,300 tons
SCS molding
730 tons

Cavity layout

Weight unevenness

  • A3 tray (wall thickness 2.0 mm): 928.25 ±1.35(g) (±0.15 %)
  • A4 tray (wall thickness 1.5mm): 440.23 ±0.75(g) (±0.17 %)
  • B5 tray (wall thickness 1.5 mm): 332.55 ±0.56(g) (±0.17 %)
    (Weight indicates the total of one group and two units for each tray.)

Applicable machines

  • Large-sized electric injection molding machineem series (650 to 1,450 tons)
  • Ultra large-sized injection molding machine series (1,300 to 4,000 tons)