MuCell® technology is a mold process technology, the patent rights to which are held by Trexel of the United States. In MuCell technology, supercritical gas is directly injected inside a screw cylinder and fused resin (liquefied gas) fills the inside of the mold. The molding effects shown below can be expected with the use of MuCell® technology.

Microcellular foam

Low-pressure molding

1. Improvements to molded part quality and dimensional accuracy

Injecting gas into melted resin lowers the flow viscosity of the resin allowing the mold to be filled at a low pressure. This makes it possible to control deformations such as distortions in the molded parts.

2. Facility and manufacturing cost reductions

This contributes to machine downsizing because the injection pressure and resin pressure inside molds can be reduced.

Enhanced productivity (reductions in cycle time)

Also effective for shortening the cooling time because distortions can be reduced. Furthermore, because the foam pressure is substituted for holding pressure, the maintenance pressure time can be shortened, which contributes to shortening of the cycle time.

Because high gas density can be achieved for the chemical blowing agent, it is possible to obtain a high ratio foam, which is effective for creating lighter molded parts.

Contributes to reducing the environmental load

Since this foam molding technology directly injects supercritical gas inside a screw cylinder to create a foam gas, it is a process technology that does not use chemical blowing agents or CFCs and is environmentally-friendly.

Molding example

Example 1

  • Product name: Instrument Panel retainer
  • Resin name: LGF PP
  • Effect: Lighter weight, shorter cycle time, Warp reduction

Example 2

  • Product name: HVAC system
  • Resin name: T20% PP
  • Effect: Lighter weight, shorter cycle time, Long-term reliability and seal-related improvement

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