U-MHI large sized electric machine “emII series (1,050~3,500ton)” has highest reliability which contributes high quality and productivity for customers by brushing up basic performance and environmental performance as the latest U-MHI global technology.

Brings together 1,050emII with a clamp capacity of 1,050 tons, and 1,300emII with a clamp capacity of 1,300 tons, and 1,600emII with a clamp capacity of 1,600 tons, and 2,000emII with a clamp capacity of 2,000 tons, and 2,500emII with a clamp capacity of 2,500 tons, and 3,000emII with a clamp capacity of 3,000 tons, and 3,500emII with a clamp capacity of 3,500 tons.

Product Features

Complete with cycle shortening functions such as high-cycle molding

  • and coupled operations / high-speed mold opening and closing.

Energy savings, space savings, and long life

  • Attractive cost performance and the world's smallest footprint.

Two-platen mold clamping mechanism with high-precision clamping

  • as well as proven results of high reliability and high precision.

Various molding variations

  • Wide variety of options to meet customer needs

Simple operation and solid functions

  • designed to be user-friendly.