Introduction to Technology

U-MHI's injection molding machines liberally incorporate technology developed over many years. This section introduces part of our technologies that can respond to the customer's needs and solutions.

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U-MHI Screws

MD-UB screw, MF-UB screw, HC-UB screw
F screw, special screw for PP containing long glass fiber

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DLFT system (Direct Long Fiber reinforced Thermoplastics Injection Molding System)
DLFT system

Integrated Kneading and Injection Molding Ability Enables Significant Reductions in Manufacturing Costs.

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Newest Controller MACIX

Evolved from our outstanding "MAC-VIII" controller, the new high speed "MAC-IX" controller achieves upgraded operability, stable process control, and improved security thus enhancing overall productivity.

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MuCell® Technology Foam Molding
MuCell Technology Foam Molding

Solutions for molded part quality, dimensional accuracy improvements, as well as facility and manufacturing cost reductions can be expected using molding process technology, the patent rights to which are held by Trexel Inc. of the United States.

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U-MHI Large Light-guiding Plate Injection Molding Machine
U-MHI Large Light-guiding Plate Injection Molding Machine

Highly advanced model for molding large light-guiding plates such as large screen (32" - 52") TVs. Thickness of large light-guiding plate is reduced by applying the injection molding technology.

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controller MAC-VIII (2002 Good Design Award)

Controller MAC-VIII with outstanding operability
Painstakingly pursues performance, reliability, and ease-of-use and was awarded the 2002 Good Design Award.

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SCS (Sequential Cavity Separation) molding (Family mold molding)

Can perform sequential injection using a strong two-platen high-precision mold clamping mechanism for unbalanced loads inside a mold.

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active temperature control system
    (no silver, no weld lines, improved transfer capabilities)
active temperature control system

All system conditions for heating / cooling mold molding can be set up on the molding machine operation screen using a total system not realized by other companies. (Individual settings for temperature controlled machines and molding machines are not required.)

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packetMAC (USB Memory Data Saving System)
The packetMAC is a system that saves and retrieves the data present in the controller for injection molding machine, to and from external memory in CSV format.
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Low pressure molding under inside-mold pressure waveform control
Molding method that controls resin pressure inside a mold in real-time extending over the entire injection process.
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