Information concerning renovation construction of U-MHI injection molding machines

U-MHI provides a modification work service for injection molding machines.

Modification work service

We provide consultations for customer desires in addition to modification, such as molding machine diagnostics and equipment relocation construction.

More enhanced productivity
  1. Ultra high mixing screw
  2. Holding pressure, plasticizing lap circuit
  3. Hydraulic operated shut-off valve
  4. Mixing nozzle
  5. Hydraulic ejector differential circuit
  6. Gate valve
  7. Double plasticization circuit
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Easier to use molding machines
  1. Retrofit of controller
  2. Holding pressure, plasticizing lap circuit
  3. External memory
  4. Corrosion resistant, wear resistant screw head
  5. Cooling water flow exchanger
  6. Electromagnetic mold clamp
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More economical
  1. Electrical plasticization
  2. Heater insulation cover
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Implementation of new molding technology
  1. Textile molding circuit
  2. Special screw for PP containing long glass fiber
  3. High-temperature molding
  4. Outputs each type of signal
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