Evolved lead the next generation, ME3 series, Midium-sized electric injection molding machine (550 ME3, 650 ME3,850 ME3)

The U-MHI Electric Injection Moulding Machine "MEIII series" has added wide platen specs for the new lineup and is equipped with new MAC-IX controller.The MEIII provides high reliabillity and takes advantage of the latest in integrated technology by U-MHI.

Brings together 550 MEIII with a clamp capacity of 550 tons and 650 MEIII with a clamp capacity of 650 tons and 850 MEIII, 850 MEIIIW with a clamp capacity of 850 tons.

Product Features
  • New MAC-IX Controller
  • High rigidity wide platen
  • Varied screw line-up
  • First-respone, high-powered injection, dedicated DD Motor
  • Highly reliable ball screw
  • Electric regeneration system
"Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure" of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Review Volume 53 Number 1
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