Evolved lead the next generation, ME3 series, Midium-sized electric injection molding machine (550 ME3, 650 ME3,850 ME3)

The UM "HH Series" electric injection moulding machines reflect the qualities of "Dreams and Future" and provide moulding possibilities based on the reliable technologies developed by both Ube Machinery Corporation Ltd. and former Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

Brings together 350 HH with a clamp capacity of 350 tons and 450 HH with a clamp capacity of 450 tons and 550 HH with a clamp capacity of 550 tons and 650 HH with a clamp capacity of 650 tons and 850 HH, 850 HHW with a clamp capacity of 850 tons.

Product Features
  • New MAC-IX Controller "connecting to the Internet"
  • UM IoT solutions
  • Varied selection of screw sizes
  • DIEPREST for improved functionality and moulding capabilities
  • Direct Drive(DD) injection servomotors for fast response, high-powered injection
  • Highly rigid, wide platens to realize precise moulding
  • Highly reliable, long-life ball screws
  • Electric regeneration system for improved energy saving
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